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Microsoft Open Value (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Microsoft Open Value
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Licensing Solutions for Small and Midsize Organizations

Q: What is the Microsoft® Open Value program?
A: Microsoft Open Value is for small to midsize organizations with five or more desktop PCs that want a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement. The Microsoft Open Value Program offers simplified license management and better control of your licensed product costs and investment. Open Value provides flexibility to acquire licenses or add product licenses as needed. Additional cost savings are available when standardizing desktop PC licensed product Organization-Wide.

Q: What options are available under the Open Value program?
A: You can choose from several options that are available to meet the needs of a wide range of
customers, including:

Open Value Organization-Wide Option: Open Value Organization-Wide offers predictable annual payments, low long-term costs, and a simple way to manage licenses. You agree to acquire licenses and Microsoft® Software Assurance for the selected licensed product for all of your organization and its affiliates’ qualified desktop PCs. An annual desktop PC price, based on your count of qualified desktop PCs, allows you to run any licensed product version on any desktop PC.

Organization-Wide is also attractive if you want to standardize software throughout your organization. Standardization helps to increase security, reduce support costs, and enable organization-wide solutions that require a common technology platform. The single platform option allows you to customize your desktop PCs as you choose components from an operating system, the Microsoft Office suites, and Client Access License (CAL) product pools, plus additional software products selected in your agreement.

In some countries, there is an additional price level, level C is available for organizations with the Open Value Organization-Wide or Open Value Subscription option that order licenses for at least 250 qualified desktop PCs through their initial purchase order.

Open Value Subscription Option: Customers may choose to subscribe to, rather than acquire, Microsoft software. Microsoft Open Value Subscription provides the lowest up-front costs with the flexibility to reduce your total licensing costs in years when your desktop PC count declines. Typical subscription customers are looking to build or maintain an information technology infrastructure on a standard platform of products to respond rapidly to a changing business environment. Open Value Subscription is only available on the Organization-Wide Option.

With Open Value Subscription, you pay a single price per desktop PC to deploy Microsoft technology across your organization during the term of the agreement.

Open Value Non Organization-Wide Option: If you need licenses for servers, or for just some of your desktop PCs, you can open a Non Organization-Wide agreement. You can take advantage of spreading annual payments for the licenses plus new product versions and the other benefits that come with Software Assurance. Customers who do not wish to standardize their desktop PCs can obtain all licenses through Open Value and manage all those Microsoft licenses through a single agreement.

Additional information about each option is available at

Q: What are the benefits of Open Value? How do we evaluate if Open Value is right for our organization?
A: Consider Open Value if your organization has as few as five desktop PCs and you are interested in the following benefits:

  • Licensing Simplicity. Place an order and start using licensed products immediately through a flexible
    pay-as-you-go model, helping to eliminate the need for forecasting. Once an order is placed, a single authorization identification number is issued that can be reused and shared with qualified affiliates for the duration of the two-year agreement, helping to reduce procurement costs and simplify the
    purchasing process.
  • Licensing Flexibility. Open Value now provides you with a single-platform option, which allows you to choose components from the Windows® client operating system upgrade, the Microsoft Office suites, and CALs under a single platform, rather than being required to choose between the Small Business or Desktop Professional platform.
    You also have the option to choose Microsoft’s latest offerings in midsize business solutions with Windows Essential Business Server. If your organization requires Microsoft Enterprise solutions, Office Enterprise, Enterprise CAL, and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack are now available.
  • Licensing Convenience. Easy access to the latest Microsoft technology is made available through a broad worldwide reseller channel, helping ensure that you have convenient and fast access to thousands of licensed products.
  • Licensing Manageability. Manage licenses easily and conveniently through online tracking tools. With the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), you can electronically manage your license orders, review purchase history, download volume license keys for software product installation, track compliance, and receive order confirmation information.
  • Licensing Affordability. Stretch software procurement budgets farther in comparison to retail purchase options. With a simple one-time transaction, you can pay for what you need when you need it, giving you the flexibility to manage your software needs.

Q: When would I want to consider the Organization-Wide option?
A: Consider the Organization-Wide option if you also:

  • Have an interest in technology standardization
  • Want one Volume Licensing agreement across the organization, including affiliates
  • Want to cover all desktop PCs in your organization
  • Want centralized purchasing
  • Anticipate growth
  • Desire efficient asset management

The benefits of Organization-Wide include:

  • Count your qualified desktop PCs at the beginning of the agreement to determine your annual cost
  • Simplify license management with a single agreement
  • Receive additional savings on Organization-Wide licenses
  • An additional price level for organizations that order licenses for at least 250 qualified desktop PCs through their initial purchase order (not available in the United States)
  • Pay a per-desktop PC license price for new licenses in the month of installation
  • Create your own custom platform with the single platform option
  • Simplify licensing management and reduce cost of deployment, support, and training with a common platform across the organization
  • Spread costs over remaining years
  • Add a software product at any time and pay for it in the month of installation
  • Transition OEM licenses onto your Open Value agreement by purchasing Software Assurance

Q: What is Software Assurance?
A: Microsoft Software Assurance helps boost productivity across your organization by enabling you to get the most out of your Microsoft software with 24x7 support, deployment planning services, end-user and technical training, and the latest software releases and unique technologies, all in one cost-effective program. Improve end-user productivity with online training and home use licenses to help enhance skills and accelerate familiarity with Microsoft software. To help IT staff efficiently manage your Microsoft technology, Software Assurance provides new software releases as they become available, provides access to unique desktop technologies including Windows® 7 Enterprise and the Microsoft® Desktop Optimization Pack, 24x7 phone and web support, technical classroom training, and deployment planning services.

Q: How does Open Value work?
A: With Open Value, you can acquire licenses with Software Assurance for Microsoft licensed products and spread the payments annually. The Organization-Wide option offers additional savings opportunities and a single price per desktop PC for organizations that want to standardize all of their desktop PCs on one or more Microsoft Enterprise products and to spread payments annually.

Q: Which products can be enrolled in the Open Value Organization-Wide Option?
A: The single platform option allows you to customize your desktop PCs as you choose, using the following product options:

  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7 Professional Plus Upgrade
  • Client Access License (CAL) Suites: The Enterprise CAL Suite, Core CAL Suite, or the Small Business Server CAL Suite

Q: What pricing levels are available with Open Value?
A: Open Value offers a single price level, with additional savings opportunities for customers interested in the Organization-Wide option. In some countries, there is an additional price level for organizations with the
Open Value Organization-Wide option that order licenses for at least 250 qualified desktop PCs through their initial purchase order. This additional price level is not available in the United States.

Special pricing is available for qualified government organizations. Check with your reseller to see if your organization meets the government eligibility requirements.

Q: What is the minimum initial order requirement?
A: The minimum initial order is five software licenses with Software Assurance or one processor software license with Software Assurance.

Q: What is the term length for an Open Value agreement?
A: Open Value has a three-year term from the effective date of the agreement. You can also renew the agreement for an additional three-year term when the initial agreement expires.

Q: When does the Open Value Software Assurance coverage begin and end?
A: Software Assurance coverage for license and Software Assurance orders starts on the date that you place your order and continues until the end of the agreement.

Q: How is it determined which products are available through Open Value?
A: All products on the Microsoft Product List that offer Software Assurance coverage are available through Open Value. The full product list can be found via the LicenseWise tool at
You need a Windows Live® ID to sign in to LicenseWise.

Q: With the Organization-Wide option, how do we acquire licenses for new desktop PCs after the agreement
is signed?

A: With the Organization-Wide option, when you acquire new desktop PCs after your initial order, you must order additional licenses for the organization-wide platform products that you have chosen in order to maintain standardization. This order must be placed before the end of the month in which the new desktop PCs are placed in service.


Q: How do we get product media?
A: You can download media at no charge through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). You can also request that Microsoft send you media, such as CDs/DVDs and manuals, for the licensed products in your initial order. This media may be used for multiple installations of the same licensed product. Media is not provided for subsequent orders, unless paid for up-front at the time that the subsequent order is placed.

Q: Can qualifying academic and charity organizations take advantage of Open Value?
A: Yes, academic and charity organizations are welcome to participate in Open Value; however, no special pricing is offered. Academic and charity organizations are encouraged to participate in the Open License for Academic and Open License for Charities program options, which are designed for their needs.

Q: Can government agencies license via Open Value?
A: Yes, qualifying government agencies can take advantage of Open Value for Government. This program offers the same benefits that the commercial Open Value program offers, combined with government-appropriate pricing requirements and a one-year or three-year agreement term. Eligibility requirements depend on your locale. For qualifying government eligibility definitions by region, please see Note that Open Value for Government is not available in all countries. Please check with your reseller regarding availability in your region.

Q: How can we review the status of Open Value orders?
A: Microsoft provides Open Value order confirmation through the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) at You can review orders, Software Assurance benefits entitlements, transaction history, and other license details, as well as manage licenses.

Q: How can we participate in Open Value?
A: Please Email Us Or Call Us +91 - 79 - 65530689 / +91 96 3823 4256 / +91 86 9003 3030

To find out more about Microsoft products, services, and support options, or for further details on any Microsoft Volume Licensing offering, visit

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