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Microsoft Open Value (OV)
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Microsoft Open Value (OV)
Microsoft Open Value (OV)

OV is a volume discount agreement designed for organisations with 5 or more PCs and is suited to businesses with flexibility to spread payments and who wish to be up to date with the latest software. Based on the number of PCs covered and the Platform products chosen, a fixed price per desktop is paid. The cost of these licenses is split equally over three years, at the end of which the company owns the licenses. OV replaces the MYO volume licensing scheme.

Agreement Terms:
OV is a three-year agreement. At the end of this period, there is an option to renew it for one or three years, which will allow continued qualifying automatically for upgrades for the extended period chosen. If the customer chooses not to renew, the license is perpetual so it can continue to be used to cover the latest software version installed. The customer may add other products to the agreement at any time during the three year term.

Any OV product can be added to the agreement at any stage but the full year price will be charged, therefore the most appropriate stage to add licenses to an agreement is on the anniversary date.
A single price band applies.

OSL is designed for business of all sizes. There is one single price band.

Maintenance & Upgrades:
Software Assurance is built into OV so customers are guaranteed rights to the latest versions of software throughout the three year terms of the agreement. Microsoft product support includes a minimum of two free incident support calls. Work at home option included for employees and also eLearning & Training vouchers for use within the organisation. For further details of the benefits of Software Assurance please go to:

Media kits for qualifying products are shipped free of charge. Media kits for additional products are priced separately.

5 Reasons to Buy:
  1. Automatic rights to the latest software with software assurance included on every licence.
  2. Simple and cost-effective way to budget over a number of years.
  3. Easy to manage, eliminating the need for complex licence-tracking.
  4. Annual fees are fixed over the three year term of the agreement
  5. Perpetual licences so the customer owns any licences they buy.
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