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Microsoft Open Value Subscription (OVS)
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Microsoft Open Value Subscription (OVS)

Microsoft Open Value Subscription (OVS)

This volume discount agreement is designed for small to medium-sized organizations with 5 to 250+ PCs. It is a non-perpetual, enterprise-wide licensing agreement. It is a rental agreement that lasts for three years, with annual payments. OVS replaces the OSL volume license program.

Agreement Terms:
Three annual payments are made based on the qualifying products purchased in the initial order. The single annual payments include payment for any additional desktops and products added to the license during the three year term. Every desktop within the organization is covered. At the end of the initial three year term there are three options:

- purchase perpetual licenses
- remove the software from the systems
- renew your agreement for another three years

There are 5 qualifying products, at least one of which needs to be standardized on all desktops, in order to start an OVS agreement: Office Professional, Office Professional Upgrade, Core Client Access License (CALs for Windows, Exchange, SMS and SharePoint Portal CAL), Office Small Business Edition, Windows Small Business Server CAL.

There are also 2 qualifying suite products: Desktop Professional (Office Pro, Windows Pro Upgrade & Core CAL) & Desktop Small Business (Office SBE, Windows Pro Upgrade & Windows SBS CAL).

OSL is designed for business of all sizes. There is one single price band.

Maintenance & Upgrades:
Software Assurance is built in to OVS so customers are guaranteed rights to the latest versions of software throughout the three year terms of the agreement. Microsoft product support includes a minimum of two free incident support calls. Work at home option included for employees and also eLearning & Training vouchers for use within the organization. For further details of the benefits of Software Assurance please go to:

Qualifying product media kits provided free of charge, additional media kits must be purchased.

5 Reasons to Buy:

  1. There is an enrollment discount available to customers using the latest or next to latest version of a product they want to license - a saving of 50% off the first year contract price.
  2. Reduces the risks of software piracy and all desktops are considered compliant during the terms of the agreement.
  3. Customers are entitled to upgrades automatically because of the built-in software assurance.
  4. Simplifies budgeting and provides predictable software costs for the term of the enrolment.
5. Technical support included as standard.
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